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Cultural patronage

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The PZU Group’s concern for cultural goods builds social identity, respect for tradition, a sense of belonging to the community and its history. For years, the company has supported leading cultural institutions and events, collaborating with them to promote culture and national heritage. This included mainly patronage over the most prominent cultural institutions in Poland.

  • PZU is the patron of the 19th Century Art Gallery at – Director of the National Museum in Warsaw. It is the Museum’s largest and most frequented gallery presenting the most valuable Polish paintings and sculptures.
  • PZU is also the patron of the Royal Łazienki Museum. The Company actively participates in the development of programs it is a patron of. Thanks to PZU, the Museum continues to raise the level of technical security of its collection and the visiting guests. The money received from the PZU prevention fund has allowed it to purchase SEGWAY X2 S and Melex vehicles, as a result of which the guards can quickly reach any point in the garden (the total surface area of the Royal Łazienki gardens is 76 ha). Additionally, a professional Monitoring Center was created, i.e. a monitoring facility where images from more than one hundred cameras can be watched on seven monitors.
  • PZU is also a patron of the Warsaw Uprising anniversary ceremony and since 2015 it has also been the Patron of the Warsaw Uprising Museum.
  • As a patron of the National Theater in Warsaw, PZU takes steps to improve general security of the building as well as its fire safety.
  • Since 2015, PZU has been the Patron of the Grand Theatre – National Opera. It has taken care of this institution also as part of its prevention activities. Thanks to PZU, the building has been equipped with the cutting-edge anti-theft system. PZU has also assumed the patronage of the TW-ON Opera Academy. It is a program supporting the career development of young talented opera artists.
  • PZU supports the National Museum in Krakow and all of its facilities not only in the finincial dimension but also makes efforts to be an active patron and initiate a numbe rof ideas that make the Museum more attractive for children and youth.

100th Anniversary of Poland’s Independence in Poland and Lithuania
In 2018, PZU became involved in the events accompanying the year-long celebration of the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence.

PZU supported projects such as: musical events (“Our Independent One” project, concert for the Independent One at the National Stadium), temporary exhibitions (“Paderewski” at the National Museum in Warsaw, “The Brilliance of Orders” in the Royal Łazienki), or educational projects.

In Lithuania, the year 2018 was also the time of celebrations of the 100th anniversary of regaining independence. Lietuvos Draudimas undertook to insure the Lithuanian Deed of Independence, which was found in the German state archive after almost a hundred years. The Germans lent the document to Lithuania for the celebration of the Lithuanian national holiday.


Commemoration of the 100th anniversary of regaining independence
Bank Pekao strives to improve the quality of life of the society and to build and strengthen longterm relations with the society based on mutual understanding of needs. That is also why in 2018 the bank got involved in supporting prestigious initiatives to commerorate the centennial of regaining independence.

Promotion of the national brand and Polish values is an element of Bank Pekao’s mission. In 2018, the bank supported financially, among others, expert debates, the exhibition named “Brilliance of Orders on the 100th anniversary of regaining independence”, the “Man of Freedom” Gala, the Polonia Forum in Toruń, the conference named “Charting Poland’s Future: spotlight on Growth & Innovation” in London, the conference entitled “Economic sovereignty”, the 6th edition of “There is No Future without Entrepreneurship” under the slogan “100 years of ambition - Polish business on its way towards the future”.

Moreover, in order to promote the national brand, Bank Pekao supported Andrzej Bargiel’s K2 climbing expedition. The expedition was held in the year of the one hundredth anniversary of Poland regaining independence.

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