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Reinsurance operations

Annual Report 2018 > RISK AND ETICHS > Reinsurance operations
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Best Pratices in PZU

Reinsurance protection in the PZU Group secures insurance activity, limiting the consequences of the occurrence of catastrophic phenomena that could adversely affect the financial standing of insurance undertakings. This task was accomplished through obligatory reinsurance treaties in conjunction with facultative reinsurance.

Reinsurance treaties in PZU

On the base of the reinsurance treaties it has entered into PZU limits its risk related to catastrophic losses (e.g. floods, cyclones) among others through a catastrophic non-proportional excess of loss treaty and related to the consequences of large single losses under non-proportional reinsurance treaties to protect its portfolios of property, technical, marine, air, third party liability and third party liability motor insurance. PZU’s risk is also limited by reinsuring the financial insurance portfolio.

Reinsurance premium under obligatory treaties in PZU according to the Standard & Poor’s / AM Best rating

PZU’s reinsurance partners have high S&P ratings. That evidences the reinsurer’s robust financial position and affords the Company security.

PZU’s operations in inward reinsurance involves the PZU Group’s other insurance companies. The greater exposure to protection of the Baltic companies, Link4 and TUW PZUW is causing the PZU’s gross written premium by virtue thereof to rise.

In addition, PZU obtains a gross written premium from inward reinsurance from activity on the domestic and foreign market through optional and mandatory reinsurance.

Reinsurance treaties in PZU Życie

Under the outward reinsurance treaty entered into by PZU Życie, the PZU Życie portfolio is protected against the accumulation of risk and it has protection for individual policies with higher sums insured.

Its reinsurance partners have high S&P ratings. That evidences the reinsurer’s robust financial position and affords the Company security.

Reinsurance treaties in the PZU Group’s international companies, LINK4 and TUW PZUW 

Reinsurance premium under obligatory treaties in PZU Życie according to the S&P rating

The PZU Group’s other insurance companies, i.e. Lietuvos Draudimas, Lietuvos Draudimas Branch in Estonia, AAS Balta, PZU Ukraine, LINK4 and TUW PZUW have reinsurance cover aligned to the profile of their operations and their financial standing. Every material insurance portfolio is secured with the appropriate obligatory treaty. Reinsurance cover is provided for the most part by PZU, which transfers a portion of the accepted risk outside the Group.

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