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Interactive navigation is a tool that goes beyond the standard navigation of the integrated content (available in the report drop-down bar). New approach allowed to navigate in the two additional business dimensions of the PZU Group, i.e .:
- strategy (insurance, health, investments, finances);
- sustainable development (sales, employees, social responsibility, natural environment and ethics).
The above-mentioned areas were additionally supplemented with related GRI indicators, within each selected issue.


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Best Pratices in PZU

The promotion of health and active lifestyles is a special area of PZU’s social commitment. The Company is committed to providing support to both employees and the society as a whole. For a number of years, PZU has been a partner of half-marathons and marathons. Support is also provided to health care-related organizations: hospitals, clinics, hospices and foundations.


Support for running events
PZU has been successfully supporting running events for the general public since 2013. PZU’s presence in Poland’s largest and most prestigious events of this type ensures their high quality in terms of organization and a high attendance level.

In 2018, PZU continued to provide support to running events, including the 40th PZU Warsaw Marathon, the 17th PZU Cracovia Marathon, the 10th PZU Karkonosze Marathon, the 13th PZU Warsaw Half-Marathon, the 5th PZU Cracovia Royal Half-Marathon, the 12th PZU Run of Three Mounds, the “Wolves’ Trail” Cursed Soldiers Memorial Run, with the total attendance of 117,980 runners.

  • 40th PZU Warsaw Marathon – the largest Polish marathon in 2018 and the second largest result in terms of attendance in the event’s history – 7,533 contestants at the finish line of the main run;
  • 17. PZU Cracovia Maraton – the second-largest marathon in terms of attendance in Poland in 2018;
  • 13. PZU Warsaw Marathon – the largest Polish halfmarathon in 2018 with 12,476 runners at the finish line;
  • 5. PZU Cracovia Royal Half-Marathon - every year since the first run, the attendance has been increasing (with record attendance in 2018 of 8,757 contestants at the finish line).

“Safe Childbirth” program
Pregnancy and childbirth-related complications are difficult to predict and require swift action. It is extremely important to have properly trained obstetricians, neonatologists and midwives on duty in emergency situations that threaten the life of the mother and her child. According to global surveys, practical exercises run on advanced childbirth phantoms that simulate challenging clinical situations shorten the learning curve and improve the manual skills of physicians and medical personnel. Such training is extremely important for preventing childbirth complications, which are a growing cause of claims reported by patients.

The “Safe Childbirth” program covered the creation of the Obstetric Simulation Center (renovation and fitting of rooms), the purchase of specialist simulators, the creation of training programs and the preparation of the Center’s teaching personnel.

Currently, the Center trains doctors, midwives and nurses, among other professionals. Its instructors include obstetricians, perinatologists and neonatologists associated with the Warsaw Medical University’s Health Center for Women and Newborns.

Thanks to PZU’s involvement, the Center has been equipped among others with a High Faithfulness Childbirth Room offering the most technologically advanced phantom of Lucie, a woman giving birth, which allows for simulating both normal and complicated childbirth.

For several years now, PZU Zdrowie has been cooperating with the Polish Coalition of Oncological Patients. The activities include cancer prevention education, assistance to cancer patients and their families and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

PZU Zdrowie also supports the innovative project entitled “We Study Genes” prepared by the Warsaw Genomics research center in cooperation with the Medical University of Warsaw and the University of Warsaw. Through the prevention fund, the PZU Group provided funding for 400 research projects, while PZU Zdrowie supported organization of the campaign by making its medical infrastructure available. The cooperation between PZU and PZU Zdrowie in the “We Study Genes” project is slated to end with a report specifying the frequency of gene mutations determining the higher occurrence of cancer in the Mazovian population and a plan of preventive actions passed on to the tested individuals.

In 2018, PZU conducted activities to combat smog. As part of a partnership with the NASK National Research Institute, the company became involved in the Educational Anti-Smog Network (ESA) project. It is carried out by NASK in cooperation with the Polish Smog Alert. The goal of the activities is to promote knowledge on the protection of air and why smog forms, how it impacts health, as well as activities to reduce the level of pollution.

In 29 schools that took part in the ESA project, air quality meters and external boards displaying information on the current pollution level were installed. The results are sent to a central server. Also, trainings for teachers were conducted, i.e. project coordinators, whose knowledge will be later passed on to the students of the schools involved. The installation of pollution meters, an information board and educational activities were financed by the PZU’s prevention funds.


In conjunction with Women’s Day and Mother’s Day the PZU Foundation prepared an exceptional present for women employed by PZU. In 2017 and 2018, it organized mobile physician offices in which the women, during work hours, were able to get selected ultrasound examinations – breast, thyroid or abdominal cavity – free of charge, and get a medical consultation. A total of 460 examinations were carried out in Warsaw, Opole and Poznań.

For years, PZU has supported sports activities among its employees. Every employee can practice his or her favorite sports in the specialist sections of the PZU Sport Team, and in Warsaw and Szczecin they can also use a company gym. At the end of December 2018, the PZU Sport Team had 953 members.

Sports sections at PZU:

Sports sections at PZU


In 2018, the 1st PZU Racketlon Team Championship was organized. Seven teams fought in the competition held in Warsaw’s Powiśle, with each choosing its representatives for all four rocket sports: table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis. The top podium was ultimately claimed by the #myPZU team. In October 2018 the PZU Championship in Table Tennis was held, and one month later the 6th PZU Squash Championship.

Athletic activity highlights:

Athletic activity highlights:


Bank Pekao is one of the name sponsors of the Pekao Szczecin Open tournament, the largest and the most important men’s tennis tournament in Poland. The Bank has been present at the tournament without interruption since 1993, that is since the beginning. Additionally, in 2015 an educational and training programme named “Road to Pekao Szczecin Open” was launched under the Bank’s patronage. The goal of the program is to promote sports among children and their parents and also find new tennis talents who will have a chance to become the winners of Szczecin tournament in the future.


Social involvement of foreign companies


  • support for a football tournament for people with disabilities,
  • support for the organization of a half-marathon in Ternopil,
  • co-organization of a children’s bicycle race in Kamieniec Podolski,
  • co-organization of the Healthy Lifestyle Festival in Dnieper.


  • promotion of honorary blood donation among employees,
  • support for a running festival in Riga.
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