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The above-mentioned areas were additionally supplemented with related GRI indicators, within each selected issue.

Knowledge sharing

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Best Pratices in PZU
“I am curious about the issue of sharing knowledge and experience as such a large company with smaller entities”.
Comment made during a dialogue session

The knowledge and experience of the PZU Group’s employees represent the company’s enormous capital. As we understand how important this is for the society and the economy, PZU rolled out new knowledge sharing standards. Participating in various types of events, conferences and symposiums and activities to benefit business development, science, new technology and financial education makes it possible to convey some of the expert knowledge to employees and the company while showing our care for the common good.

One example of such an approach is the issue of properly estimating risk. This is a key skill in many positions, not only ones that are directly related to the insurance industry. Many outstanding experts related to this area work in PZU. In 2018 the company prepared an offer containing a post-graduate course of study lasting one month and open to all on risk management in a business related to insurance. A new course of study – designed by PZU LAB in collaboration with the School of Business at the Warsaw Technical University – fills the gap on the educational market, while its curriculum addresses competence-related requirements. The program spans interdisciplinary lectures and case studies. Experts who work on a daily basis at the tangential point between business and science, i.e. in institutions and engineering offices will run this program.

All the persons who would like to enlarge their familiarity with insurance and risk management can be participants: brokers, agents, risk managers, students and adepts of the art of insurance. The post-graduate course of study is the main part of the project entitled PZU LAB Academy whose purpose is to advance insurance risk management.

33 students took part in the first edition of this course of study.      


  • legal conditions of the insurance market in Poland
  • underwriting
  • reinsurance
  • operational and financial risk management
  • project and team management
  • vehicle fleet management
  • mechanisms whereby claim events occur in industry
  • building a corporate culture
  • natural and IT threats
  • innovations in insurance
  • understanding organizational culture and business culture
  • diagnosing client needs and effective communication

Programs for students

Internships and apprenticeships are also a method of sharing knowledge. They allow students to gain professional experience and get to know the organizational culture of a large organization. The 2018 apprenticeship and internship program in PZU took place in two periods from July (3-month vacation apprenticeships and 6-month internships) and from October (6-month internships). To entice students to take advantage of PZU’s offer, in the spring of 2018 the PZU Group ran an offline recruitment campaign (PZU Group Days and work fairs) and an online campaign (social media activities among others). As a result, on average, 82 submissions were received for each one of the apprenticeship and internship offers, or 46% more than in 2017.


PZU organized Business Open Door Days for students from across Poland in 2018. During the workshop young people faced real business problems and familiarized themselves with the distinct nature of the daily challenges met in the area they have selected. Students had a practical opportunity to put to a test the knowledge gained during their studies.

PZU employees ran 13 student workshops in total in 2018 on various subjects, among others:

  • project and process management, 
  • strategy and innovation, 
  • IT, 
  • e-commerce, 
  • marketing, 
  • CRM analysis, 
  • effective communication.

1,367 persons from across Poland submitted an application to attend the workshops, while 162 received an invitation to participate in the Open Business Days event. The substantive level, form, preparation of trainers and topic were evaluated by the participants as being at a high level – the evaluation surveys affirmed that. 94% of the participants would recommend that their acquaintances take part in our project.

A total of 24 PZU Academic Ambassadors and Advisors operated in the largest academic centers in Poland in 2018. This is a group of active people who connect the PZU Group with the student community. During the academic year each one of them organized at least two events with PZU: a fall and spring edition of the PZU Group Days. During these events initiatives addressing students were promoted (chiefly Business Open Door Days and the apprenticeship and internship program). The Ambassadors and Advisors also supported PZU during work fairs and during events organized by the student organizations and universities cooperating with the Group.


PZU experts took part in the work of Commissions, Sub-Commissions, Sections and Working Groups of the Polish Insurance Association. This work focuses on analyzing legislative bills, drafting assumptions and agreeing on market practices, while the purpose of these activities is to devise coherent solutions to protect and improve the conditions for the insurance market to function.

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