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Interactive navigation is a tool that goes beyond the standard navigation of the integrated content (available in the report drop-down bar). New approach allowed to navigate in the two additional business dimensions of the PZU Group, i.e .:
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The above-mentioned areas were additionally supplemented with related GRI indicators, within each selected issue.

Client at the center of attention

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Best Pratices in PZU
Responsibility is our foundation - “we honestly advise clients when it comes to the PZU Group’s offers. We talk about genuine benefits, we accurately describe the risks related to our offer, we take responsibility for it and we deliver on our promises. We in the PZU Group strive to solve our clients’ problems with diligence and integrity, and examine complaints on a timely basis. We also avail ourselves of mediation and other amicable forms of dispute resolution.”

The PZU Group’s New Strategy puts client needs and opinions at the center of attention. The mission that we have defined – we help clients care for their future – means that our client relationships and our client knowledge are becoming our company’s overriding value, while our chief product is our acumen in addressing client needs to build a stable future. All the Group areas unite in their client centricism in order to be able to satisfy client expectations in a comprehensive manner. Accurately anticipating the future, understanding client needs and building ever better methods of becoming part of their daily lives are the logical grounds underpinning many of the initiatives in the #newPZU strategy.

Responsibility is our foundation


Roger HodgkissLet’s tell one another frankly – the vast majority of clients are not interested in the structure of our corporate group, the links between its companies or corporate flows. 21st century clients want, above all, to get a product quickly and easily, which they grasp and which meets as many of their needs as possible. The changes taking place in PZU are addressing that issue. The breadth of the offer of the Group companies has long been enormous – now we have learned how to portray and offer it in a bundle, during a single conversation or visit to our website.
Roger Hodgkiss, Management Board member of PZU and PZU Życie


PZU and PZU Życie have a client experience management policy in force, with the program devoted to that subject matter being a strategic initiative for the overall Group. The Client Relations Management Department is in charge of its execution. The priority is to develop the best client experience during every contact with the company and its products and services. This program posits systematically proceeding through the various phases of the cycle, starting with a client expectation study and defining the optimum experience, to crafting measures to influence client experience, all the way to implementing changes and constantly measuring the outcomes.

The tool used to manage the program is the policy for managing proactive client initiatives in PZU - Closed Improvement Loop. It applies to all PZU employees who have a direct or indirect impact on client experience.

Closed Improvement Loop:

Closed Improvement Loop

The introduction of the Closed Improvement Loop made it possible to formulate 45 recommendations in 2018 to improve client experience, streamline products and processes and procure coherent and effective market communication.

The collection of data from PZU’s databases also facilitates better client service. The Phoenix Project pursued in 2018 - to develop a CRM class integrated platform - enables PZU agents and employees to gain ergonomic and effective access to all the information regarding their clients. They make it possible to craft a new dimension of relations and refine cross selling in the PZU Group. Salespersons obtain access on an ongoing basis to data concerning clients’ active products, anniversaries, expiry dates and event histories. This system also supports the selection of new products aligned to client needs. Phoenix is a useful tool for managers. This allows for effective management of salespersons’ work and measurement of their activity.

Mindset toward client experience


Customer Lab – modifications to the offer in cooperation with clients
The Customer Lab tool launched in the PZU Group in 2018 supports direct collection of information regarding client experience, their emotions, problems and tangential points with the company. Customer Lab makes it possible to obtain cognition of the client perspective. Thanks to workshops, discussions and interviews with clients we managed, among other things, to test online services and apps, gain cognition of concepts for a new form of product communication on the website and investigate the reasons for client dissatisfaction with products.


Client satisfaction survey according to NPS (Net Promoter Score)
The level of client satisfaction is monitored by Alior Bank on a quarterly basis. These surveys concern the score on overall satisfaction with cooperation with the bank as well as on various products and distribution channels (the surveys cover branches and partner centers). The surveys plus remarks make it possible to determine the overall level of client satisfaction and their willingness to recommend the bank to other clients. This means that Alior Bank can do more comprehensive research forming the starting point to implement improvements. The NPS for 2018 was 24%.

The PZU Group has in force guidelines defining how the process of accepting, recording and examining client complaints is organized.

A procedure has been rolled out in PZU Zdrowie and its subsidiaries describing the rules for the workflow, records and examination of complaints by the Client Relation Section and PZU Zdrowie branches. It also defines responsibility in this process and the method of reporting complaints.


Client satisfaction survey
Every quarter roughly 15 thousand PZU clients are asked about how they evaluate their cooperation with the company. These surveys are conducted during key moments:

  • product purchase, 
  • anniversary letter receipt, 
  • claims handling, payment of a benefit, surrender, doctor visit, utilization of an assistance service. 
Their satisfaction with service and the product is checked, as is the effort clients had to expend to “handle” a given case with PZU (e.g. to buy a product or obtain payment of damages). In addition, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is measured.
The research findings allow us to gain a grasp on PZU’s strengths and weaknesses. The client’s opinion is the starting point for commencing work to make changes in every area of activity clients assess negatively.
In 2018 the PZU Group’s NPS2 was 6.4% (8.0% in 2017), compared to a market average of -0.9% (3.0% in 2017). The Pekao Group’s NPS was 10.2%. The subsidiaries of PZU Zdrowie saw their NPS scores range from 10% (Polmedic) to 74% (Gamma). Link4’s NPS was 11% in claims handling, 15% in service and 53% in renewals. The NPS scores in the international companies ranged from 31% for the companies operating in Ukraine to 50% for Balta operating in Latvia.

In 2018 the ratio concerning the timeliness of examining complaints was as follows:

  • 98.5% for PZU Życie;
  • 97.5% for PZU;
  • 95.3% for the Alior Group3;
  • 90% for the Pekao Group;
  • 60% - 100% for the subsidiaries of PZU Zdrowie.

PZU clients can count on the assistance of the Client Ombudsman in difficult, multi-faceted cases that require a tailormade approach.

Clients directly contact the Ombudsman through a web form, e-mail or by phone. It is also possible to have a visit in person in PZU’s Head Office in Warsaw. Every notification is recorded in the system while the Ombudsman intervenes in cases that, in his or her opinion, require a non-standard approach. More than 1,000 notifications were filed with the Ombudsman in 2018. They chiefly related to problems involving claims handling and aftersales service. The accepted standard calls for closing a case within five business days.

PZU’s Client Ombudsman also analyzes the cases forwarded to the management board.

The most frequent complaints handled by the Client Ombudsman related to the quality of service (mostly the lack of contact with the claims handler – 17%), exceeding the deadline for claim handling – 5%, understating the claim value – 34% and PZU’s scope of liability – 30%. These complaints gave us a chance to perfect our service processes.

PZU’s Client Ombudsman also mediates before the Financial Ombudsman and in the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Mediation was conducted in 46 cases in KNF in 2018. Settlement agreements were executed there for a total of PLN 1.3 million, while the total amount of the disputes was PLN 4.6 million. The PZU Client Ombudsman also participated in 26 cases of mediation before the Financial Ombudsman.

Scope of notifications forwarded to the Client Ombudsman in 2018:

Scope of notifications forwarded to the Client Ombudsman in 2018


2 Net of the lack of data for Armatura.
3 Ratio with no further exclusions. This ratio including additional exclusions is 95.92%.

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