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Interactive navigation is a tool that goes beyond the standard navigation of the integrated content (available in the report drop-down bar). New approach allowed to navigate in the two additional business dimensions of the PZU Group, i.e .:
- strategy (insurance, health, investments, finances);
- sustainable development (sales, employees, social responsibility, natural environment and ethics).
The above-mentioned areas were additionally supplemented with related GRI indicators, within each selected issue.

Employee issues

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Best Pratices in PZU
“We are interested in what the Group’s employee policy involves”.
Comment made during a dialogue session

Tomasz Kulik“The times when a career in PZU followed marked paths belong to the past. Today we expect employees to think: out-of-the-box ideas, ideas that break molds and INNOVATION are not just welcomed, but are simply a must for the company to be able to set trends on the financial services market in the 21st century. The fact that we know our clients better than anyone else on the market is a challenge for us, to ensure that we like no one else search for new solutions for these clients. I believe that we at PZU are doing a great job at discharging our duties here.”

Tomasz Kulik, Management Board member of PZU and PZU Życie, CFO of the PZU Group

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

SDG 8Objective 8. We promulgate stable, sustainable and inclusive economic growth through full and productive employment and dignified work for all

PZU’s ambition, as defined in the New PZU strategy for 2017-2020 is to be the Employer of first choice in the financial industry. The Group wants to hire the best and most engaged staff on the market and attain a high level of retention of the most talented people in the organization. For this to be plausible, strategic actions targeting employees are being phased in or planned:

  • new quality of corporate culture,
  • promotion of entrepreneurship, innovativeness and team work,
  • set of actions to retain key employees,
  • improved response time to reported intentions to quit,
  • transparent development path.

Aleksandra Wolska“New PZU also means new quality of organizational quality. We have managed to depart from internal rivalry between various teams and departments. The projects being implemented are an example of successful cooperation not just between management boards but above all mid-level employees. A great deal has also changed in the matter of devising new solutions inside the organization: the fear of failure and its repercussions no longer paralyzes innovation; the failures of various ideas are treated as a stage of building an operating solution”

Aleksandra Wolska Managing Director of HR in the PZU Group


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